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He'd given her a lot of time."Does that help? I can show you my ass if that's better," Cassidy offered.Tiffany closed her eyes and shuddered. Those boys had had some good ideas of their own. It had been her responsibility to reach back and hold the funnel upright so Buford could ladle in the tobacco spit and chicken droppings. In order not to spill any, she had to remain still and keep her head down and her bottom up. Watching her struggle to hold still, the twins had resolved to help her.It took Ia what felt like hours to muster the word, and as she struggled, the paintbrush continued its torture, the fairies continued humping her needy nipples, and the third fairy flew up and started tickling the long feather around her neck. And Elly continued to smile at her—a cruel, knowing, triumphant smile.With every submission, he grew weaker."Oh, John, I love sex so much that I can hardly think of anything else. Just thinking about it or talking about it gets me excited," she said, bringing her hands up to cover her tits, squeezing them firmly. "I know you've noticed."
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"I'm sorry, Kelly," he said, conscious of the small towel she was holding around her head. "I didn't mean to cum in you, it just happened.""I...I did what I could. " He gave her a tired smile."You were jerking off," Cassidy said matter-of-factly."Well, hey how can I say no to a sweet request like that?"Despite the cold air, Kent and I thoroughly enjoyed our blowjobs. Every so often, one or the other woman would look up to make eye contact with the man she was blowing, and then do the same with her husband being blown. The women sucked, slurped, licked and teased our cocks for what seemed an hour. It was probably more like ten or fifteen minutes, but nobody was looking at a watch. Though Jan's technique was excellent, Anne is truly an expert. Kent was the first to start making little noises in his throat. Anne redoubled her efforts, while Jan continued her leisurely pace. Soon, Kent was visibly distressed, valiantly trying to delay his pending orgasm. He tried to slow her down, but Anne merely batted his hands away and clutched him tighter. Anne's antics and Jan's determined rhythm were having the desired effect on me as well. Kent was waving his arms wildly now, as if trying to maintain his balance.My wife flashed me a mischievous grin. She slid off my lap onto the rug. She slinked across the deep fur like a cat on all fours until she rested on her knees before Kurt with her hands on his thighs. Wordlessly she put her hands around his member, playing gently and closely studying him. Kent and Janet crowded the end of the sofa, almost leaning over her, watching. Anja shifted closer to her husband to observe, too. Anne arched her neck forward and dropped her shoulders over his lap, swallowing his cock. My own dick stiffened at the sight of her lovely head bobbing and swaying. She kept pulling her hair back to allow the others to see. Her lithe form partially blocked my view, even though I kept leaning right to left in the recliner to catch a glimpse. Anja noticed this, and patted the empty cushion beside her. I moved beside her, placing an arm around her bare shoulders. I pressed against her warm flesh and viewed along with the others my wife's amazing performance. Kurt's right arm was thrown over the back of the seat, his left hand rested firmly on the back of Anne's neck. My beautiful bride still wore her thong, stockings and heels as she slurped and sucked Kurt's pole vigorously, her lovely breasts brushing against his thighs. Anne stopped and sat back on her heels, gazing wantonly at his saliva drenched erection. My wife stood and daintily peeled off her thong in one practiced motion. She handed them to me, and I held her hand, assisting her as she climbed into Kurt's lap, her pussy poised over his large cock. Anne licked her fingers and wet her pussy with them. With one hand holding him by his huge shaft, and the fingers of her other hand holding open the lips of her pussy, she slowly descended until the head on his penis pushed inside her. I stood, allowing her to rest her weight in my shoulder while her pussy accepted this considerable intrusion. Kent rose from the sofa to stand beside her as well. Then Janet went to her knees behind Anne and took over guiding his tool into her. This all turned out to be nothing more than precautionary, a little added assurance for her. Realizing his cock wasn't going to hurt her, Anne released her hold on our shoulders and placed her hands on Kurt's. With only a little hesitation, Anne's pussy descended over Kurt's pole, completely enveloping him. They both sighed contentedly. Anne smiled, quite pleased with herself. She bounced happily on his stiff meat.Elly waited a moment. Ia bit her lip. She couldn't, she couldn't...As much as I was enjoying those caresses, how the intensity of the sensation was seeming to swallow me whole, I reached up to the edge to stop myself falling completely, and put my own hand between her thighs.
"So instead of hiding it from each other like it's this dirty, mysterious thing, I think we should just embrace our desires and our physical needs and be open about them," she continued. "It wasn't SHOCKING to me or anything to find you masturbating in your room, of course you jerk off sometimes, every guy does.""Well, you're the swingers, here." She waved towards Anne and I. "What's the etiquette in this situation?" She nodded at the basket."You heard me. I know why you're here, Kim," she said softly.Brist's eyes rolled up into his head as he came, as he felt his cock pump pulse after pulse of cum into her tight, wet pussy. The pleasure surged through him like a desert flood, blasting away all the dryhumping, all the tickling, all the scrublands and brush of his denial. His whole mind was unable to process it.We had talked about it at length, and everything about our relationship with them remained the same, except for one thing. I was always a bit more conservative when joking around with Janet, lest she misinterprets my actions and a strain on the relationship occurs. Kent had always maintained some interest in swinging, but as long as Janet seemed uninterested, Anne and I agreed we would never raise the subject with them. This weekend was certainly different. In the past, at Kent's instigation, Janet had flashed me her terrific tits. Almost exclusively when she was drunk, and always very briefly. Today, however, I had seen those wonderful C-cup sweater-puppies four times. Anne was even surprised. She mentioned a few times that Jan was really being very playful."Oh, shit," she moaned. "God that looks good!"
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Anne's turn with Anja's tongue now over, Anja started to move down the line again, but paused over Jan. I saw Janet glance up and make eye contact with Anja, nothing more. Jan then closed her eyes, lost in the pleasure she felt in her nipples.I too am in my mid-forty’s, I am 6ft tall and medium build at about 210. With life and day-to-day, I am only able to hit the gym three times a week trying to keep myself in some decent shape as to keep myself looking good for my wife. I am averaged size below sporting a 6 in circumcised member which I keep well groomed with only a small strip of pubes above my shaft and clean shaven every place else. My wife says she loves the shape of my member with a definite distinction between the head and the shaft. She loves to feel my plump head enter her followed by the shaft with defined veins to give it a little extra feel…. She has always enjoyed the feel of my cock in her mouth and her love canal."No room for fighting," the redhead agreed, beaming at him. "No room for thinking! No room for, um... for resisting! N-no room for... for...nnn.""Why not!" Kelly said. "I'm not looking to only go out with one guy. I'm young. I want to see what different guys are like."Kent knelt and shoved his cock right in. Anja moaned softly."I don't know, what's a lot?" John asked."Here we go," he said, slowly pushing forward."And I told them you were cool and I totally trusted you..." she continued to explain.
I smiled at the thought this young kid wanted to take me for a spin. A few minutes ago, I would have just to put on a show for Doug, but I needed to get my ass into the bathroom."Jenna?" he replied weakly. "Wow, uh, I wouldn't think this would be your type of place."Upstairs, the boy was intently watching his computer screen. Tiffany always left her laptop open and he could see her bedroom through the camera in the laptop. He really liked this gorgeous girl who had just moved into the basement, and he had already gotten lucky and seen her nude a few times. It looked as if he were going to get lucky again tonight."Go on and get dressed," Tom Henderson said, giving her another feel on her tits. "You don't want to get in trouble with your mom and dad.""Hi, this is Anne, from across the street. Is this Anna?""That'll work." She said, climbing out of the tub.
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"Maybe I should tell him about Kelly," John mused, curious to what Tom's reaction would be to that comment.He shrank beneath her stare. That was a stare of pure hunger.I was focused on that little nub, teasing it and rolling over it with my saliva. When I began to lick up and down insistently, Cassidy's body shuddered in response. My hands were now on the back of her bare thighs, pulling her pussy against my face as I eagerly explored her sex. My soft lips and warm mouth suckled on her womanhood as my tongue danced over her clit.As she turned from him, Doug looked at me and mouthed, "Oh, my God.""Is this business too?" Kelly asked, licking his cock once again."Yes," John whispered hoarsely.My wife’s name is Lynn, she is in her mid-forty’s, stands about 5ft 6 and weighs about 135… she thinks she’s heavier than she needs to be, but I say that all of the extra weight she has on her is in ALL the right places. Her figure is on the smaller side of what folks call curvy with measurements 36-26-38. Her breasts still have nice perkiness considering she’s given birth to our two sons and they have these really nice tight dark brown nipples that are absolutely lovely to suck and nibble on. Below her waist, she had these really nice shapely hips with a firm pair of ass cheeks which tops of her muscular and shapely legs. Between those legs is the center of my lust and sexual desire for her… her pussy mound is slightly puffy and luscious, her vulva lips slightly extend out and when she gets aroused, they swell letting me know how horny she’s getting. She maintains her pubes below to either the narrowest of strips or goes completely bald… either way it’s a pleasure to dive between her legs with my face and dine on my favorite dish to eat.Doug laughed. Squeezing me closer to him, he took a sip from his Heineken. As always, his laugh was loud and genuine, and a few people glanced over at him and smiled. I did as well. Doug was one of those people whose smile and laughter and almost annoyingly at times, upbeat personality, spread to those around him. I tended to be more on the serious side and was the one who worried about everything so we balanced each other out well.

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